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I am a PR friendly blogger. If you are a business or company who would like me to try or review a sample or product, please contact me via the contact form provided Here. I blog about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, hair, food, life, healthy living and travel. I do accept relevant product pertaining to these topics for review as well as sponsorships, therefore please feel free to contact me via the form Here

Yvonne Dzifa blog is a personal, lifestyle, hair & beauty, food and fashion blog written and edited by myself (Yvonne Dzifa). Though a Scientist, I am not a nutritionist or doctor in any way, therefore all tips and content relating to food are given from my own experience and research and not as a doctor or nutritionist. All contents are written by myself. All images are taken by and belong to myself unless otherwise stated. In the case where I might use a picture which does not belong to me, for example in a wish list type of post, I state where the pictures are from or provide links to them. Please do not use my images without my consent or without a link back to Yvonne Dzifa. It is only nice :-). You can contact me via the form Here for such queries.

Sponsorships and Review Products.
I am a PR friendly blogger, however as at now, this blog doesn't contain any paid for or sponsored posts. All items reviewed or blogged about in my current posts are bought with my own money, items I am wishing listing or items I am styling in style boards. Items in my style boards and wish lists are not sponsored and I do not receive sponsored compensation for any post. Should this change in the future, this will be noted.

Affiliate links
Though it is completely free to subscribe to and read this blog, Yvonne Dzifa may contain affiliate links for some products that I mention or recommend, however not all items linked on this blog are affiliates. 'Affiliate links' just means that a tiny amount may be made by me when linking to those products. However, this does not affect the actual prices of any items included. Prices remain the same. I only ever link to items I own myself or recommend, items I would use myself and items I believe are helpful. However please note again that not all items linked on this blog are affiliates. 

For any more queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form provided Here.

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