Thank you for stopping by to say hello! I'm Yvonne Dzifa, a Wife, YouTuber, UK Blogger and Scientist. I also love to play the guitar! This blog is a Life Central blog where I write about all things life! You will find posts on Lifestyle, Style, Hair & Beauty, Food and sometimes Travel. 

I share my finds and tips to help along the way on the journey of life. Fashion and beauty picks and tips, style boards and ideas are post you will also find here on the blog. Did I mention lovely recipes and healthy living finds too? So you see why I say Life Central? hehe :)

So all these together with my interests, joys and moments that life brings along. Logging this journey as I go on my little part of the internet, welcome to Yvonne Dzifa! Please find below the current schedule for the blog 

I hope you enjoy reading and find the posts helpful. Don't forget to share, stay connected and ask questions ❤️! I love hearing from readers and meeting new bloggers, therefore if you would like to contact me or find out where else I can be reached, please click Here.

Yvonne Dzifa Blog Schedule:
Fashion & Style Monday
Hair & Beauty Tuesday
Lifestyle or Travel Wednesday
Afro Hair Talk Thursday
Food Friday

Thanks and happy reading!

Yvonne Dzifa ❤️
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