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Joining the gym comes sometimes with a new excuse to shop! Although summer is practically over in the UK, it seems like we are having a confused-extended-spring-summer type of weather situation in London at the moment! I suppose it is a little too early to get in shape for next summer right? Even though that is no longer an excuse to buy new gym wear, it may be that like me, you just long to make fitness an integrated part of your life. So whiles looking around the shops, trying to put together a gym wear wardrobe, here are a few of my current favourite must have fitness items in the wish list bucket.

A Good Fitness Bra
The fitness of the most important pieces of gym wear, and quite frankly, one of the best for the ladies. These can sometimes make the experience a breeze or an absolute NO when it comes to
support. Loving the ones which come with much brightness for a grey day whiles being well made for the job. The third especially is my favourite, and one good tip for choosing a good sports bra is to get one with well made straps.

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Some Really Cool Fitness Tops
Loose and comfortable can be one of the best choices for gym tops. It certainly is my wish when it comes to the gym. Whiles still on the fitness journey, tight gym tops aren't exactly on my list...maybe they will be one day...when the toned abs appear :). One style of gym wear which also seems to have become quite popular lately are gym tops with cool texts. Even more so when the text do nothing else but spur you one every step, run, lift and sweat. So my favourite will have to be the first one, Yes..."Don't Quit." If you have read some of my fashion and style posts in the past, then you might also know that leggings were made for me! Throw in a bit of fun with patterns and get ready to work out in style.

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Tech and Trainers
Saving the best ones for the last, the favourites of this list are a Polar FT and a good pair of trainers. I have always wanted to own one of the Polar fitness watches but I just never seemed to get round to doing so. I did however try a different brand of fitness watch which I only managed to use a few times. Definitely on my current wish list also, are a new pair of running shoes, and a good tip for choosing a good pair of gym shoes, is to get one with some strong and bouncy soles to make the journey worth while!

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Have you tried a fitness watch before? What is your favourite gym wear item?
Do let me know in the comments section below.

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