Monday, 8 February 2016

Dreaming About The Beach | Clara-Olivia Wish List

The prospects of rocking that favourite swimwear is such a motivation to get fit for sure. Not only for the "vacation by the beach" dreams, but also for staying fit with indoor swimming and definitely for summer holidays! Looking around the Clara-Olivia Swimwear Collection, these are the swimwear pieces which made it onto the wish list for staying fit, then hopefully for vacation and then the summer holidays! I could not help but notice the great quality in their collection of swimwear. The attention to detail and simplicity however, are what to love most about these picks.

Clara-Olivia Wish List

Starting with tankinis, the two which made it to the list are Fantasie Montreal and Freya Pier. Freya
Pier is a mini polka dots underwire tankini with frilly neckline detailing. Though they do have a brief style bikini bottom (spongebob always comes to mind here!), for someone who would like a touch of modesty and something quite different, the briefs with a mini skirt would be great. The second tankini on the list is a black underwire piece with some texturing, patterns and diamante detailed straps. The bikini bottom to go with this one is are part plain black briefs with a fold-over of the tankini material.
Clara-Olivia Wish ListClara-Olivia Wish List

For the swimsuit lover like myself, introducing firstly, Fever. A black underwire piece with the addition of a belt detailing. Followed by the underwire swimsuit versions of the Freya Pier and Fantasie Montreal tankinis above. The mini polka dots of the Freya Pier, complete with the frilly detailing on a deeper V-neckline this time and a halter strap. The Montreal swimsuit comes in a style similar to the tankini, but also with a deeper V-neckline and a more visible twist front.
Clara-Olivia Wish List

On to probably the most popular swimwear option. Bikinis. Fever again but this time in a comfort style bandeau bikini set with the addition of a modest skirt on briefs. Then the bikini version of Freya Pier with halter straps and frills on a deep V-neckline as well as on the sides of the briefs.  
Clara-Olivia Wish ListClara-Olivia Wish List

Active Swimming
The final pieces which are also the swimwear for staying fit, would have to be the Freya Active Swim. These come as an active swim soft suit or as a tankini with either classic briefs or swim shorts with a lovely addition of colour on the straps and on the sides of the bodice.
Clara-Olivia Wish List

Something for everyone, which piece is your favourite? Do share it in the comments below. Mine is firstly, the active swim wear, because, you know, I do need to prepare to rock the others. After that, it is hard to choose from the rest, but I would have to say that my favourite swimsuit is the classy Fever!

See you on Tuesday's Post!

Yvonne Dzifa

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