Sunday, 13 December 2015

For The Love Of Pups | A Pupreciation Moment!

What is your pet story? I would love to know! Growing up, I always had a dog. I remember having dogs in my family home up until my early teens when I had to say goodbye to my dogs due to travel. No I did not give them away, I just moved away from them to a whole new continent while they stayed with family. We also sadly lost my two most favourite dogs at a younger age and the memory of them still is. Since then, my love for pups has only grown and I love that now I see so much more varieties of them. I am already accumulating more pictures on my puppy pinterest board. No doubt that my husband and I will own at least one in the future and gladly, he is on board with it all as he has come to appreciate pups himself. So on the blog today, let us just take a moment...and show some pupreciation…to these best friends of man featuring some amazing dogs. I hope they brighten your evening!

The Toy Poodle
Lets start with these fluffy ones! Absolutely beautiful and cuddly! Lets not forget how intelligent, sharp and present they are and the fact that they love to be with you! The one thing I love the most about the brown toys poodles is the fact that they look like teddy bears! A very playful and cute breed indeed!
toy poodle
toy poodle

The Weimaraner
Oh gosh these beauties!! I fell in love with them this year! Apart from their love of companionship and their cheeky personality, I love their energy, coat and eyes! I also love their hunting personality, goofiness, pure silliness and the fact that they are pretty funny!



The Bichon Frise
One word! And that is...chill! I love their gentleness and happy selves! A bichon for a cheerful day any day! I just thought this pictures was so funny, I had to include it!

The Siberian Husky
The final breed to appreciate today is the Siberian Husky. Of course there are more dogs to love and appreciate but we end with these sharp eyed beauties today. The shall be more in the future! I first fell in love with the Siberian husky when I saw the YouTube videos of Mishka the talking Siberian husky! If you have not seen the videos, do check them out because she is very funny! Just the most gentle, friendly yet fun loving dogs. I have seen many more videos of huskies who are incredibly gentle with babies and children and that is always a plus. They are just like big children and I love that. They remind me of the Weimaraner too.

I hope you enjoyed this pupreciation moment and I hope it made you smile. Do you have any pets yourself? I would love to see a shot of them on twitter or instagram!

Thank you for reading and see you on Mondays post!

Yvonne Dzifa


  1. SUCH A CUTE POST. I love tough or streamline looking dogs. But there are some fluffy ones that take the cake!

    1. Thanks a lot for commenting and reading. I know what you mean, the weims are so cute I just love them, but you are right the fluffy dogies are pretty. I guess depends whether living in a flat or house. :-)


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