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Healthy Meal Choices For The Day | Food Diary With Tips

Welcome to Food Thursday and I hope you have had a good day! Today, I am sharing some healthy meal choices you could try in a day, from breakfast to your last snack, in a "what I ate" form. It is a chatty food diary because I also share some brief history and tips behind some of the foods, such as those which are not from the UK or the West. I hope you find some inspiration from the meal choices I made, as options you could adopt for yourself if not sure of what healthy foods you could eat for the day. Six foods in total, three meals and three snacks. This is something I try to practice in order to develop a better metabolism. If you would like the recipes for the foods mentioned, which I made, please let me know in the comments section and I shall be sure to share that with you.
Healthy Meal Choices For The Day

My husband and I gave up the use of a microwave in our home some time in spring/summer 2015. This means that all cooking and reheating are now done by the stove or the oven, which we have become accustomed to. It was challenging to begin with but it got easier. I have also given up the direct use of cow's milk in meals and drinks and my husband did not mind joining me! This means that I do not use it for hot drinks or for cooking, however, I do occasionally have yogurts and milk containing products like some soups. This wasn't difficult at all and we actually found the alternative milks to be much creamier and filling.

So for breakfast, try creamy coconut oats and a cup of tea with almond milk. Oats is one superfood for anytime of the day for me, however like most people, I tend to have it for breakfast! Growing up, it was common to use evaporated milk for oats in my culture and this meant that the oats was always creamy! I switched over to the healthier option of using fresh milk in oats during my time at University and I did find that instant oats was the closest to how I use to have it. Now that we don't use the microwave, we don't eat instant oats, so I have found some great ways to achieve a creamy oats! Coconut oats is just one of the simple recipes I came up with, which to be honest, hasn't been replaced as breakfast since.
Creamy Stove Cooked Coconut Oats
Creamy Stove Cooked Coconut Oats 

Morning Snack
For morning snack, try some cashew nuts. As mentioned in this previous post about staying fuller for longer, a few nuts can really help with cravings! Cashew nuts have been a favourite of mine for a few months now and I recently rediscovered honey peanuts and honey cashew nuts. I only usually buy one or two small bags of this version because they…are…the…yummiest treat! As mentioned in this post, too much of it can be quite calorific, therefore, try the trick mention in the linked post for eating a good portion of nuts and staying fuller for longer.
Cashew Nuts

Lunch favourite soup of the year! As mentioned in last Friday's post, Tesco butternut squash soup is one of my favourite discoveries this year. After I had been trying their carrot soup for a while, I decided to try the butternut squash soup thanks to Come Dine With Me! I had never tried butternut squash soup before then, and I am so glad that I did! It is really great with a slice of Tesco seeded cob.
Butternut Squash Soup
Butternut Squash Soup

Afternoon Snack
Can you tell the cashews are winning? At least they are better than biscuits and chocolate! So for afternoon snack, have you tried bananas and nuts? You might like it! In Ghana, it is almost mandatory to always have groundnuts with bananas! You would hardly see bananas sold without groundnuts, it is like common knowledge in Ghana! So the tradition carries on in our household, and the way to have it is to dip the banana onto the nuts, to collect a few on the banana and the munch away. Delish!

Bananas And Nuts

For dinner, we had "waatse" (pronounced waahchee) and we had it with "egg stew". Waatse is a protein rich Ghanaian traditional rice and beans recipe. This recipe is normally made with black eyed beans in Ghana, however, my husband suggested that we try it with kidney beans and it turned out great! Some steps are usually taken in order to achieve the traditional "red colour" of the meal as it is called, but with the kidney beans, that step wasn't necessary! Waatse has a nice balance of protein and carbohydrate. Traditionally, waatse is eaten with boiled eggs, "shito" (a Ghanian fish and hot pepper sauce) or a fish/meat sauce, gari (west African dried cassava granules) and sometimes a dash of thin spaghetti! Whew!! I know that sound like a lot, but in a hot country like Ghana, it is a great meal for restoring energy. For a healthier version, we only normally have it with either a Ghanaian stew or shito and boiled egg.
Waatse And Egg Stew
Waatse And Egg Stew

Evening Snack
For an evening snack, try a chopped up apple with a tiny bit of nut butter. Granny Smith's are my favourite, but I know everyone has their own. I only recently discovered the nut butter and apple combination and it makes a great snack, giving you the lovely crunch with a bit of energy from the peanut butter.
Granny Smith's

Water And Teas
Teas for the morning, afternoon and evening are great for staying full as mentioned in my tips for staying full post. I am constantly trying to drink 8 glasses of water daily but with tea, I don't need to be asked to drink it. Herbal teas are also great for the evenings post dinner. These really help to fill you up especially when you know you have eaten a good portion of your meal yet your tummy want you to return to the pot for seconds!
I hope these options have given you some ideas of what you could have for your meals during the day! By all means, if allergic to nuts please don't have the nut based options. So, these were my meal choices, and by portion sizing and applying simple tricks, it really helps me to stay away from empty calorie foods. I hope it helps you too.

Thanks for reading and see you in tomorrows post, which has a surprise!

Yvonne Dzifa


  1. this is such a great post, to see what you have eaten throughout the day. very healthy and bet the snacks really do help. I'm going to think about not having a microwave in the new year, that could be a game changer! lol

    1. thanks so much for reading and for your reply. let me know how it goes with the microwave game change, :-) I hope it goes well. The snacks definitely do keep you filled and on the go! :-)


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