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4th Blogiversary, 100th "Allowed" Blog Posts And Upcoming Giveaway | Pictures Of The Week 8

Welcomed to pictures of the week 8! Before sharing my blogiversary and a bit about my blogging history, I would like to begin by sharing the posts which have been on the blog this week in case you missed any. You may or may not have noticed that for more than a month now, my blog posts have been more frequent. Well I am pleased to say that I have come up with something of a schedule for when you can expect a post and what kind of post it will be. You can see this schedule on my Hello Page and hopefully this will be the case for a while. Therefore do feel free to leave comments on what types of post you would like to see and I shall be glad to explore new ideas. Also, do stay tuned until the end for a little note on the upcoming giveaway. Now on to the Blogiversary!

On The Yvonne Dzifa Blog this Week
On The Blog this Week

Happy 4th blogiversary to Yvonne Dzifa blog!!
I am pretty sure that I am not the only blogger who has some good old posts now privatised and having a ball in draftdom! If you are one of those bloggers, please let me know in the comments! Before I go on to share this weeks pictures of the week 8, I am please to share that for the first time, I am celebrating my blogiversary! So…errm... I have been a blogger for 4 years! Whew! Here comes the numbers. My first ever blog post was published on 09/12/2011. The second was published on the 31/12/2011 to wish the world a happy new year! However, should you go back and try to find my first two blog post you will not find them. "Where are they?" you ask? Well my first two posts were privatised and reverted back to draft sometime this year. So were all my 2012 posts, except one! Also 1 out of 22 post from 2013 is retired! If you had visited my blog before mid 2015, you probably would have seen the old posts from 2011and 2012! But now, the oldest post here is the only one from 2012 which I did not revert to draft. All other posts are quite happily chilling in draft and may probably not see internet daylight again.
4th blogiversay and upcoming giveaway
Blogging For A While

100th "Allowed" posts.
Having said that, I believe at the end of 2014, not so long after I posted my married post, I decided to take my blog a little more seriously than time had ever let me. So not long after my husband and I got married, I decided to really enjoy my blog more and post more, though not as much as I do now. Having reverted to draft all the post I wanted to retire, I reached my 100th "Allowed" blog posts yesterday and today's is my 101st. "Allowed" meaning the posts you can see. I doubt any of my current posts will retire soon. I am definitely enjoying blogging now more than ever and I am glad to say I am a blogger!

Pictures Of The Week 8
Ok now that the celebration part 1 is over, on to this week's pictures. Keeping it short and sweet, this week's pictures of the week is a bit of a mixture of things! Not like it has been so far with the other pictures of the weeks, but then again that is the beauty of it! Anything, any time, documented for the week, for reflection and thanksgiving!

First is our lovely kitchen clock on the wall. We have had this clock since early 2015, but I still love to just look at it! I immediately fell in love with it when I first saw it at Home Sense and surprisingly, it was so affordable! I am really glad we got it and what I love about it the most is the vintage style. It was made to look quite old with rustic in detailing.
Our Lovely Coffee Clock On The Wall

Get A Coffee Style Clock Here

It is Friday and I think I am going to have this soup for dinner. My favourite soup for a long time this year, has been the Tesco butternut squash soup, especially with Tesco seeded cob bread. If you haven't tried those two together, please take this as a recommendation and try it, well as long as you are not allergic to anything in the ingredients. I use to like the Tesco carrot soup a lot since 2013 or so, until one day, I thought "I have heard a lot about butternut squash soup on come dine with me, but I have never tried it! Hmm...Maybe I should...". I am so glad I did because though I still love the carrot soup, I haven't bought some since I tried this butternut squash soup. Here is where I wish I could insert an good emoji to express how much I love it!! It helps with my weight loss journey too!
Current Favourite Soup | Butternut Squash

The clouds have not been too bad this week. It has been colder with some rain here and there, but to be honest there has been some blue skies too. Even in the midst of some grey clouds! It is still better than a whole week of grey, so I am grateful! More so, the most beautiful sunsets have been visible this week. We have a road trip this weekend and so I hope to have more pictures to share in next friday's pictures of the week as well as a road tripping post next Sunday. 

Not So Grey

Blogiversary Upcomming Giveaway
So if you stayed till the end, then here is the announcement. I shall be hosting a giveaway on this blog not only to celebrate my blogiversary but also as a thank you to all those who follow me on social media and read my blog! As I have been a blogger for 4 years, I shall be sharing 4 prizes for you to win! And as it so happens that I regularly blog about 4 areas, Lifestyle, Fashion, Hair & Beauty and Food, I shall be giving away 4 prizes. A Prize for each category. This giveaway will be announced next week, therefore do keep your eyes out on the blog for it if you would love to enter!

Thanks for reading and see you on Sundays post.

Yvonne Dzifa

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