Friday, 18 December 2015

4th Blogiversary Blog Giveaway "ENDED" | Pictures Of The Week 9

Welcome to pictures of the week 9 and happy Friday! I hope you have had a good week so far! In today's post, I announce my Blogiversary Giveaway!! Yay!!! Instead of the pictures I was going to post from last weekend's brief road tripping, lets do giveaway pictures shall we? I will share the road tripping post on Sunday, as promised last week. Please read till the end to find out how to enter.

blog Giveaway #yvonnedzifagiveaway
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So if you read my Blogiversary post last week Friday, you would know that I have been planning a blog giveaway as a part the 2 to celebrating my 4th year in "bloggerdom"! Giving back to readers and supporters of my blog, not only to say thank you, but also to connect with you guys more! What do I mean? I explain further in the post. No better way to give than to give straight from the heart, so yes, these prizes are all from me and my heart! Please read on to see what's up for grabs and feel free to enter!

How Many Prizes To Win?
In my blogiversary post last week Friday, I said that I would give away four prizes. One prize for each main category that I blog about, to mark the four years. Well…I kind of changed my mind! Why? Because I just found myself getting more for you guys! So I am giving away nine prizes from the four main categories I blog about! Yup, more chances for you to win!

The Prizes
To find out more about what I blog about and when you can expect new posts, just click on the Hello Section! With regards to these categories, here are the prizes you could win!
blog giveaway
Blogiversary Giveaway #yvonnedzifagiveaway

Lifestyle {2 Prizes}
blog giveaway
Lifestyle Prizes

1. Limited edition jojoba, silk and honey foot pamper set with fluffy slippers | Baylis & Harding
blog giveaway
Prize 1

2. Luxury Scented Candle | Baylis & Harding
blog giveaway
Prize 2

Fashion & Style {2 Prizes}
blog giveaway
Fashion & Style Prizes

 3. Lime Green Colour Block Satchel | New Look
blog giveaway
Prize 3

4. Gem & Glitter Stripped Clutch Bag | New Look
blog giveaway
Prize 4

Hair & Beauty {3 Sets Of Prizes}
blog giveaway
Hair & Beauty Prizes

5. Tresemme Heat Defense & "Along Came Betty" Bath Soak + Crystals Set
blog giveaway
Prize 5

6.  3 Rimmel Nail Polishes & Cutex Nail Polish Remover
blog giveaway
Prize 6

7. Sleek Contour Palette In "Light" & Simple Eye Makeup Remover
blog giveaway
Prize 7

Food/Kitchen {2 Prizes}
blog giveaway
Food Prizes

8. Costa Coffee Mug & Biscuits Set
blog giveaway
Prize 8

9. Me To You Bear Mug
blog giveaway
Prize 9

How To Enter This Giveaway?

1. Connect With The blog...
  • via email using the "get updates via email" section right under my blog profile picture above!
  • Now what I said about connecting with you more, if you are a blogger, do let me know this as well because I would love to go right back to your blog and join you too, at the end of this giveaway! I'd love to meet new bloggers and readers and become bloggy friends!
2. Comment below sharing...
  • which item you would love to win (arranging them in order of your favourites). To make it more fun, also share a funny story you remember from this year! It can be about you!

 Giveaway End Date
This giveaway is open worldwide, but please seek permission from parents or guardians before entering if underage! 

The Giveaway will end on Sunday 03/January/2016! Just after new year's day and I shall announce the winners via a blog post on twitter once I have processed all the entries!

So that's it, as always, thank you for reading and all the best with the giveaway!

Yvonne Dzifa
blog giveaway
Blogiversary Giveaway #yvonnedzifagiveaway


  1. I would most like to win the Life sytle prizes. I love my home comforts especially slippers and candles.

    Funny story: I passed my driving test this year but it took me 4 attempts which you may not find it that funny but I was the bain of many jokes in my workplace.

    1. Hi Lynsey, Thank you for your comment. I agree with you on the home comforts ��. Ah the driving test! At least you passed! I've heard of people who tried more than 5 times. Congratulations to you!!! Don't forget step one also, ild love to stay connected nd please do share this giveaway if you like the gifts too :-) Yvonne

  2. I love food so my top 3 picks would be:

    (1) Prize 9 - for the cutie bear
    (2) Prize 8 - for the biscuits, yum
    (3) Prize 1 - for the adorable fluffy slippers

    Happy Blogiversary and Happy New Year, woohoo!!


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