Friday, 13 November 2015

From Foliage To Naked Trees As Autumn Slowly Fades Away | Pictures Of The Week 4

And so they bid farewell! The autumn foliage! Week 4 of my pictures of the week series here on Yvonne Dzifa. This week's pictures show the transition from a lot of green to no more green and naked trees. A good number of shots of this transition. I still love passing by my forest, nothing changed there except I take even more pictures now as I observe the trees slowly loose their green. If you haven't already seen it, I have the previous pictures of the week here in this previous post. Not so much the glorious skies from that post today. This week's pictures show the last of the bright skies and leaves as we were handed over to the grey gloomy skies. As I type, it rains.

We shall see you again in spring, said the leaves. It is funny though, that there were still a lot of leaves left just about a couple of weeks ago, and in the blink of an eye, they were all lost. 

autumn pictures autumn foliage
Before The Fall

Lovely colours, best of both worlds with the classic autumn foliage mixed in with the last of the greens.
autumn pictures autumn foliage
Fall Colours

Then onto the yellow leaves. I particularly love this shot because the sun was setting, casting a complimentary shade to the colours already displayed. Before, you could hardly see through the trees but now we begin to see through it all.
autumn pictures autumn foliage
Sun Setting
autumn pictures autumn foliage

All the leaves before they run into "soggy leaf season". When the rains start to hit more often, we won't have this pretty sight any more. It always brighten the day to see these lovely colours. I can't say that enough!
autumn leaves pictures on the ground
Fallen Leaves

And then one morning, we woke up and the trees were looking more sparse. Again captured when the sun was beginning to set, a shade of yellow makes this view all the more appreciated. Then day after day, the leaves quickly fell.
autumn naked trees leaves falling
The Leaves Are Gone
autumn naked trees leaves falling
Naked Trees

Until there were hardly any left, until they were all on the ground. This came with its own beauty however. When ever I picture a snowy winter get away, I imagine the snow on naked trees like these. So it is beginning to look more like winter as the tree go bare each day. My eyes are constantly fed with a pretty sight!
autumn naked trees leaves falling
Naked Trees

This is my favourite of todays pictures. I cannot even put to words why, but I know it took my breath away and that is why I had to capture it! Something about the combination of sky, blue, woods and an old bird's nest!
autumn naked trees leaves falling
Bare Trees
autumn naked trees leaves falling
And They Bid Farewell

Are you ready for winter? How have you prepared yourself?

Yvonne Dzifa

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