Friday, 20 November 2015

A Double Rainbow And Burning Calories | Pictures Of The Week 5 {With Video}

Pictures of the week here on Yvonne Dzifa blog are serving more and more as a way to round up the week with appreciation of nature and thanks giving. I hope you have had a good week, and if not, I hope this rainbow cheers you up as you begin your weekend. This week has been a week of "evers", I captured the most beautiful rainbow and the first double rainbow I have ever seen (video included). Also for the first time ever, I burnt more calories in one workout without stopping. I know this might sound like a small amount of calories but it is a personal best for me, and so I celebrate! If you haven't already seen them, I have pictures of the week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 also.

This rainbow appeared outside our balcony after we had a few days of constant rain, grey skies, wind and general sogginess. It was as if to say, "sorry for the greyness, here's something bright to make you smile". And that is exactly what this rainbow did. I was so mesmerised as I called my husband over to witness it, the pictures don't do as much justice. The colours were so much sharper and clearer than any other real life rainbows I have seen…sigh…At first I though it was just a rainbow, but after looking through the pictures, I realised that it was actually a double rainbow. If you look to the far right, you can see a faint show of the second bow. Picture 2 shows it clearer below.
Rainbows This Week
Rainbows This Week

This picture shows a clearer view of the double rainbow. You can see the second one, which is slightly fainter on the right. The junction in the trees where the rainbow started from was so sharp and bright that you would think lightening had hit!
Double Rainbows This Week
Double Rainbow

This rainbow was also a very nice semicircle where some rainbows I have seen get lost half way in the clouds.
Rainbows This Week semicircle
Part Of The Semicircle

And then we were back to the grey later in the week, as I type, so it rains with a huge overcast. I am still grateful for the rains, because it helps crops grow so that the nations can be fed. Back in Ghana, West Africa, it is not uncommon a practise to collect rain waters, purify them and use them in the household! Something I am pleased to have experienced myself.
Overcast this week
Back To Overcast, But We Thank God For Rain

I end toady's post with my final "ever". If you follow me on twitter @yvonnedzifa, you would have seen my celebration when I burnt 500+ calories working out without stopping. This might not sound like a lot, however it is a personal best for me and for that reason I am pretty pleased. Everyone always started form somewhere aye? I hope to share more on this journey as I get better! Have a beautiful weekend!
I burnt more than 500 calories in a workout
Personal Best

Yvonne Dzifa 

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