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5 Tips And Tricks To Keep You Fuller For Longer | Weight Loss Journey

The feeling of not being full after a good meal may be due to a number of different factors. It could be due to a lack of nutritious snacking during the day or missing a meal. What ever it may be, here are some tips you could consider in order to trick your body into staying full after a good meal. We Can Do It!
5 tips and tricks to keep you fuller for longer
Stay Full With These Tips

One thing I have been trying to work on with my own weight loss journey is portion sizing. Applying these tips have really helped me and I hope they help you too. Portion sizing is admittedly a challenge for those who may have never really considered it much in the past. I don't eat huge amounts as like most people, my stomach can only really take so much. However, spending some efforts in increasing the size of the vegetables on my plate whiles decreasing the size of carbohydrates is something I try to work on daily. These efforts in portion sizing can sometimes be faced with the challenge of not feeling full when technically, you are.

1. "Ave A Cuppa" -  Drink Some Tea Before Meals
5 tips and tricks to keep you fuller for longer a cup of tea
A Cup Of Tea Before Meals
Especially before meals, having a cup of tea is a good solution. A mug of english tea does the trick a lot of the times for me. To make it healthier, I only ever use almond milk and honey, having given up cows milk and sugar for more than a year now. If allergic to nuts, oat milk is a great alternative which is even more filling. The use of honey instead of sugar also means that you don't have to worry so much about the amount of sugar you might be taking in. When feeling very hungry, the body might try to force you into ignoring this step and going straight to random snacking or a big portion of food. However trying this can be really helpful as it fills you up a little and can help you in your portion size journey. Also, ending a meal with a herbal tea such as green tea or ginger and lime tea gives a refreshing feel whiles keeping you full.

2. Chew Your Snacks One At A Time [My Personal Story]
5 tips and tricks to keep you fuller for longer chew for longer
Chewing Your Healthy Snack One At A Time
This is something that I recently discovered when trying to eat healthier snacks. One night, I was particularly craving for sugary snacks, the very thing I am trying to avoid and eat less of. There was none at home as my husband and I have taken the initiative to only shop for and take home, healthy foods. This way, if I ever crave anything unhealthy, I would have to walk 30 minutes to get one! So on this particular night, I decided "ok I will snack on my current favourite nuts". Cashew nuts. Defiantly, I grabed my nuts jar and begun to eat the nuts one at a time, taking my time to chew well on each nut because it wasn't really what I wanted. Almost like forcing a child who does not like pea to eat peas. Accidentally, I found that by doing this, I tricked my body into actually enjoying the cashews more and becoming full very quickly. I ate less than a hand full of nuts but my sugar craving was gone. And since then, snacking on nuts by eating them one at a time has really helped me in those sugar-crave moment.

3. Drink Water Before Meals
5 tips and tricks to keep you fuller for longer drink water
Drink Some Water Before Meals
Just looking at the picture makes me thirsty! Where some people may be able to clearly tell the difference between being hungry and being thirsty always, sometimes, it may be tricky. I know for myself that this has been the case at time especially when I have not drunk enough water during the day. Drinking water throughout the day not only replenishes the body's water level, it could also help keep you full amongst many other benefits. Drink some water before your main meals and research shows that this could help you eat a healthier portion of your meals. Water can fill you up a little and help you eat less while staying fuller. A win win situation because you also get to hydrate yourself in the process. You could try drinking water before breakfast and before dinner to begin with and see how that works for you.

4. For The Crunchy Tooth- Snack On An Apple
5 tips and tricks to keep you fuller for longer  eat a crunchy apple
Have A Crunchy Apple
Filled with good natural sugars, fibre and much more, an apple is also good for the crunch-loving teeth. Cutting an apple up into 8 slices, seeds removed, and applying tip two by eating it one at a time is a good trick. I find granny smith apples to be a good candidate as they are very crunchy, however your favourite apple will do as apples are generally crunchy. Another tip with apples is snacking on them with a little bit of nut butter such as peanut butter, if not allergic, for extra deliciousness.

5. Snack On Nuts 
If allergic to nuts, some seeds, olives or avocados in moderations are good alternatives. Though nuts are high in calories, snacking on them in moderation is actually more nutritious than a bag of crisps. Due to their high protein contents, they are also able to keep you fuller for longer, and as in tip number 2, eating them one at a time can help you manage your intake. Nuts are a good alternatives for sugary processed snacks which tend to increase blood sugar levels as quickly as they drop it, leading to more hunger and cravings.
5 tips and tricks to keep you fuller for longer eat some nuts
Nuts Are Great

I hope these tips work well for you! Are any of these snacks your go-to or favourites? Do let me know in the comments below.

Yvonne Dzifa

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