Friday, 9 October 2015

Autumn Is Here, The Beauty Of Autumn Leaves | Pictures Of The Week 1

Autumn is here! And with it comes the beautiful colours of this season. It seems like not long ago since I fell in love with spring, the leaves came out, the flowers did too, and now, we bid farewell for a few months. Only a few though, because it won't be long until this season hands over to the next. But lets savour the moments.

To launch my Pictures Of The Week series here on Yvonne Dzifa, a series in which I will be sharing pictures I take along with each week, let us reintroduce Autumn. Today, I am sharing these luscious leaves which captured my attention. While accompanying my husband to work, we could not help but marvel at the sheer sight of the colours. At this point, there is a good mix of leaves, from old to new. The new leaves which will probably not make it to full age, the old leaves which are awaiting their colour change, those which are ready to fall and of course, the fallen leaves. I captured a bit of everything! Enjoy!

autumn fall forest leaves picture
The forest with a multicolour 
autumn fall forest leaves picture
More of the forest with a multicolour
Autumn has always been my first favourite season. It holds a special place with me for a few reasons but I must say though it brings with it some creatures i'ld much rather not see, the good far out weighs the bad.
autumn fall forest leaves picture
Gorgeous exhibition of fluorescence! 
autumn fall forest leaves picture
Hello Autumn

The chill in the air calls for lovely warm scarves and boots! Did I mention a coat too? I'm not sure about you, but give me some boots and legging, plus a scarf and a long sweater, and I am one happy lady.
autumn fall forest leaves picture
A chill in the wind 
autumn fall forest leaves picture

Sometimes its nice to kick around in the leaves, who says only children's should do that? The first of the many leaves to fall.
autumn fall forest leaves picture
The leaves are falling
autumn fall forest leaves picture

The beginning of the neat leaf pile. Which season is your favourite? I love the other seasons too, but theres just something extra special about Autumn.
autumn fall forest leaves picture

Yvonne Dzifa


  1. Lovely photos. I love it *.*
    I have a new post, welcome to me.

    1. Hi Magdalena, thanks for reading and for the lovely comment. I checked out your blog too. I had to translate it to english :-) but I loved your autumn post too and your wish lost :-) nice photos


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