Monday, 26 October 2015

H&M Sales Picks To Style | Autumn Casual Dinner Out

Browsing through the H&M sales section, I came across a few pieces with very good sale prices for their quality. In this post, I have picked three of H&M's 100% leather pieces on sale, styling them together with other pieces to create a relaxing casual early autumn dinner outfit! All of these picks are on sale online currently, links to each item are included should you wish to check them out! Just click on the descriptions below each picture.

Around this time of the year, the weather is not as chilled as it gets from December onwards. So my first piece is this beautiful leather biker jacket below. Premium quality, 100% leather and currently on sale with more than 50% price reduction! This jacket has zip, stud and quilted detailing and is definitely not a bad piece to add to the wardrobe. Aren't zips one of the most stylish details to have on clothes and accessories? However, the Forever 21 Faux Fur-Trim Hooded coat from this previous post about coats, would be a great alternative too. A scarf as well for a little bit more comfort. I chose the pleated scarf as it is not too heavy and is just the right material for extra warmth on your way. In addition is a delicate white lace sleeved blouse which you can get away with when a black vest is worn underneath for warmth. More details below.

H&M 100% Leather Biker Jacket
100% Leather Biker Jacket | H&M

H&M Pleated Scarf
Pleated Scarf | H&M

H&M Lace Sleeved Blouse
Lace Sleeved Blouse | H&M

H&M Black Jersey Top
Black Jersey Top | H&M
H&M Two-Strand Necklace
Two-Strand Necklace | H&M

H&M Stretch Trousers
Stretch Trousers | H&M
H&M 100% Leather Boots
100% Leather Boots | H&M

H&M 100% Leather Clutch
  100% Leather Clutch | H&M
More delicate is a gold necklace just for an accent. Never mind it being a gold colour, this two strand necklace is just the right one from the sales section. Black stretch trousers for days when legging just won't do, another definite staple for the wardrobe to go with all sorts of boots. Talking about boots, I found this beauty above! Also 100% leather, so very genuine and chic in style, yet a comfortable piece. Alternatively, take a pick from one of the buckled boots from this previous post about boots for an edgier style. A final accessory would be a simple clutch to hold just the essentials for a relaxing evening. This 100% leather croc effect clutch with an internal zip compartment is the final sale item for the occasion. Simplicity!

I hope you like my picks for a casual dinner out. Do let me know in the comments below, what your favourite piece is. If you do style any of them, don't forget to tweet me @yvonnedzifa on twitter or share an instagram photo also @yvonnedzifa.

Yvonne Dzifa
Images form respective  linked sites

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