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6 Comfortable Affordable And Casual Coats for Autumn And Winter | Wish List

If you have been looking for some comfortable, friendly and cosy coats to buy for autumn and winter, I hope this list helps you. Today, I share some picks for comfort, affordability and a casual feel when it comes to coats for autumn and winter. Something to go with the boots from my autumn boots blog post here. These wish list picks are from popular and easily accessible shops, not withstanding good quality, they are affordable and easy to find.  I have also included direct links beneath each picture for where you can get your hands on them, as well as the prices. Just click on the links below the pictures for more details.

Starting off are a couple of casuals which can also be dressed up as smart with a change of accessories. 

First of is this beautiful piece from forever 21. With a faux fur trim, this coat also has a faux lamb skin effect to the look as well a silver zip detail. It does have a small percentage of wool in its composition as well as side pockets which always make me happy! Something I would pick for the wardrobe, dressing it down with a pair of converse and black jeans or dressing it up with some black boots, tights and skirts.
Forever 21 Faux Fur-Trim Hooded OvercoatForever 21 Faux Fur-Trim Hooded Overcoat

Next up is this clean mac from Marks & Spencer. Labelled "Buttonsafe and Crease resistance" as well as it being a mac trench coats style is just a win for me. Buttonsafe implies the use of a special heat fuse button which won't fall away whiles the self explanatory crease resistance bonus will hopefully keep the coat crisp for longer. Macs and trench coats are quite popular and a go-to comfortable coat for colder weather. They are flexible in that you can make them warmer or cooler with the use of layering. Definitely an umbrella required though, but this doesn't take away from its popularity. I always find that the belt adds a flattering touch to the waist. This one comes in quite a few colours too.
M&S Collection Buttonsafe Crease Resistant Tipped Belted Mac with Stormwear M&S Collection Buttonsafe Crease Resistant Tipped Belted Mac with Stormwear

On to the more casual coats, a definite go-to for me are Parkas! I cannot get away from them. Throw them on when in a hurry or dress them up and you are good to go!

This one from Ali Express is a lovely affordable option, hooded with a faux fur trim and a faux wool lining. I always love parkas for their pockets and buttons. This one has pretty sizeable pockets and zip detailing as well.
Ali Express Faux Fur Hooded Overcoat

Similar to the one above is this 100% cotton parka. A bit more expensive compared the one from Ali Express as this one is 100% cotton and closer to home, easily accessible. The added bonus for this parka from H&M is the detachable hood and detachable faux fur trim. Absolute wardrobe essential.
H&M Cotton ParkaH&M Cotton Parka

Finally on the parka front, is this hoodless piece from H&M, similar to the one above minus the hood. Available in 3 colours this is another beautiful parka for the wardrobe. I love the navy colour as opposed to the standard parka colour.
 H&M ParkaH&M Parka

Though not a full coat to protect you format the chills, I just had to throw into my picks, this gilet/waist coat from H&M. It makes a great transition piece as well as a great coat for the days when the weather has a temperature confusion. So soft and perfect!
H&M Faux Fur Waist CoatH&M Faux Fur Waist Coat

Which is your favourite and what style of coat is your go-to autumn/winter style? Please comment below and don't forget to share this post to others who love style!

Yvonne Dzifa
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