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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Corrective Unclogging Care | Honest Review

Whiles on a hunt for a new paraben free skincare product to introduce to my regimen, La Roche-Posay as a brand is one that I came across from an advert online in 2014. Soon enough after seeing that advert, I begun to see this brand around a lot on youtube though I hadn't come across it before. Specifically, their Effaclar Duo range which is very popular. I did not really have intentions to try it out as I thought it might be just one of those adverts where a lot of hype is given to the product which does what most other popular products do with questionable ingredients, but I was in for a healthy surprise. Read on!

la roche-posay effacar duo corrective unclogging care honest review

I went ahead and found a couple of free samples of the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Corrective Unclogging Care lotion, and let me tell you why I love it! This is a completely honest and unsponsored review!

Let us start with the most important question and possibly, a reason you are reading this post! I tried the unclogging care lotion for just over a month. In this time, I used it as part of my morning and evening skincare routine. I was expecting to see a visibly clearer skin, fading acne marks from of old and a softer and happier skin. Did I get that? Absolutely! I loved it! Read on for why!

Paraben Free
As a beauty and skincare product lover who is trying to make better and healthier choices of products that go on my skin and into body,  i.e. products first of all without parabens and mineral oils, this was an immediate attraction to me. It is indeed paraben free and mineral oil free. The first ingredients are water and glycerin, two very moisturising agents! For now, parabens and mineral oils are the two ingredients I keep an eye out for as I continue my search for great skincare and beauty products with great ingredients.

The Packaging
After learning about the ingredients, I was ready to try it out, however the packaging was also a good reason why I was so willing to give this product a go. It has a clean design, almost like those you get with clinical skincare products by pharmacies or skincare laboratories. Clear inscriptions and no fancy pansy claims. Just what the company believes the products can do. Well the French name is quite fancy and can I say, I love it!

It Started To Fade My Acne From Of Old
I was an acne sufferer as a young lady in my teens, and as result, though my skin cleared significantly as I grew, I still have some dark marks and pores on my cheeks mostly from the old acne. My face is generally soft as I have oily skin, but I do have pores and a bit of uneven textures. I found that in the time I used this product, my dark marks were beginning to fade and the trouble areas were feeling smoother and definitely clearer! The pores were beginning to looking less visible also!

The Feel
Each time I applied this lotion on my face, I couldn't help but be impressed by the relief I felt. Yes relief. You see, many moisturisers I have tried in the past left me with a greasy feeling. For my oily skin, this isn't nice. What I found with this lotion is that as soon as I applied it to my face, it just soaked into my skin leaving my face hydrated moisturised and normal, no residue, no grease. After a wash and a tone, adding the lotion came with a welcomed feeling of water and moisture.

Certainly! I am planning to buy and try the Three Step Effaclar Duo Anti-Blemish System! I recommend it.

If you have been looking for an honest review on the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo range, then I hope this helps!

Yvonne Dzifa

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