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Debbie Siebers 6 Day Express Plan (Slim In 6) | Review and Food Diary

Between the 3rd of August and the 8th of August this year, I set out to try and complete Debbie Siebers 6 Day Express Plan (part of the Slim in 6 program). I bought the Slim in 6 DVD set about three years ago. I absolutely enjoyed working out with this DVD then, and I absolutely lost weight when I first tried it. You can check my You Tube Channel Series HERE. In this post, I share my food choices for the 6 Day fast track plan, which is meant to be done for only 6 days in order to prepare your body and mind for starting the actual 6 week journey. I hope you find some of the meals helpful.

debbie siebers 6 day express plan slim in 6 yvonne dzifa
Debbie Siebers 6 Day Express plan (Slim in 6)

I guess the story goes like this, 'somehow, I gained the weight back since loosing it two years ago'. This is because I started making the wrong food choices again! So now that I have gained, I have been trying to loose it through a Lifestyle change . I decided to go on this 6 day plan in order to try to let myself know that I can always make a better choice of meals and love it.

Here are my meal choices which I made during the 6 day journey. Coupled with eating healthy meals, I  exercised in the form of walking or aerobics for 30 minutes each day.
Slim In 6  6 day express plan day 1 yvonne dzifa
 6 Day Express  (Slim in 6) | Day 1 Meals

On day 2, I ended up having a late snack of two eggs after dinner since I slept late. I made a mental note to count this into the next day's meals.
Slim In 6 6 day express plan day 2 yvonne dzifa
6 Day Express (Slim in 6) | Day 2 Meals

Well I did try to count it in on day 3, but as you can see, it did not quite go to plan and I ended up actually have another late snack, this time with two plums! I guess plums are healthy so not much deviation.
Slim In 6 6 day express plan day 3 yvonne dzifa
6 Day Express (Slim in 6) | Day 3 Meals
Slim In 6 6 day express plan day 4 yvonne dzifa
6 Day Express (Slim in 6) | Day 4 Meals

By day 5, I had run out of all my grocery. I therefore had to pop back into Tesco for some more. By this time, I had already eaten healthily from morning through to the afternoon. I made up my mind to have some butternut squash soup and some whole grain seeded, hearty bread.
Slim In 6 6 day express plan day 5  yvonne dzifa
6 Day Express (Slim In 6) | Day 5 Meals

I carried the remaining bread on to day 6, and I had it with tea for breakfast. However, I surprised myself by craving a salad for lunch. This is what I had been trying to achieve, being able to crave and have a simple salad, and thoroughly enjoying it. And I did! Olives, feta and baby plums! I decided to have the same dinner as Hubby, Ghanaian beans stew. I was well pleased with the outcome of my 6 day journey.
Slim In 6 6 day express plan day 6 yvonne dzifa
6 Day Express (Slim in 6) | Day 6 Meals
All in all, I believe this journey was well worth it and I would not hesitate to try it again. The plan definitely works and it does in a way allow for the chance to eat clean to an extend. I love Slim in 6 as I have had success with it in the past. I feel I am at a better place, and I am definitely looking forward to making even more healthier choices now, as well as starting the DVD journey again. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, as long as you stick to it, you will definitely see results.

Have you tried the Slim in 6 journey yourself? How did you find it?

Yvonne Dzifa

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