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Morning time can be quite a busy time for most people. Crucial as it is to have a good nights sleep in order to replenish and rejuvenate ourselves, preparing the skin in the morning for the pollution outside the home is quite important. I find the use of these products a great way to prepare my face for the outside elements. Together with my evening routine, this helped even out some discolouration I had developed around my mouth, whiles keeping my face clear.

Boots botanics skincare organic shea butter

With many skincare products fighting for attention in the current market, it can often feel like a bit of a jungle trying to figure out exactly what each products does, contains and which product is good.

It is often advised to read labels before buying products, from foods to shower gels. Just to make sure that you are making a choice which is good for you. Rule of thumb is natural ingredients, as much as you can and this applies even in healthy eating.

Here I have a few natural and some organic skincare products which I have found to work well and in harmony with my skin. It works for oily skin, which is mine, but some of the products would also be good for any type of skin.

Tesco My Senses Lavender and Chamomile Soap
I used to use the African Black Soap in the purest most organic form straight from Africa and sold unpackeaged. I still love it and wouldn't mind going back to it, however I had to pause my use of that and try out a new love that I found. This love only costs... wait for it... £0.75 pence. Not pounds, Pence. From Tesco. You would have thought that it might be of a low quality a product, due to the price, but it actually works pretty well and leaves my skin pretty happy. Its unbelievable. So I use this now for washing my face and body in the morning and I haven't noticed any particular reaction to my face. It also smells amazingly light and calm and comes in Cocoa Butter & Honey as well as Aloe Vera & Green Tea flavours.

Tesco my senses lavender and chamomile soap

Botanics 100% Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz | Boots
A water based toner, this is my all time favourite toner to use due to obvious reasons. It is 100% organic which in my opinion is normally hard to come by. This toner also has very few ingredients in the list which is a positive aspect of it as that also, is hard to come by. No parabens here and some of the ingredients are from the Kew Gardens in London. It promises to clean impurities and refresh your face. I definitely do feel refreshed after using this and it doesn't leave my face tight.

boots botanics 100% organics rosewater toning spritz

Botanics 81% Organic Hydrating Day Cream | Boots
A water based cream, this is a great and pretty simple moisturiser. It has a buttery look and feel but is actually quite light a moisturiser on the face. A little goes a long way as result. When used, it gives a soft feel also. Though not thoroughly organic like the toner, the ingredients are still quite good with no parabens and mostly natural ingredients again from the Kew Gardens of London.

boots botanics 81% organic hydrating day cream

The final step in my routine is moisturising my lips. I use this Natural Whipped Shea Butter Mix which I made myself at home. I also use this to moisturise my hair and body. This is the most natural of every thing talked about so far. The Shea butter was bought in the real butter form unprocessed from Ghana. When melted, it is an oil, therefore using it is like directly applying oil onto your skin. Not only is it nutritious for the skin, it also has an amazing natural nutty smell of the 'rawest' kind which is just unique.
 I also have a video link HERE talking more about these products and illustrating how I use them.

homemade whipped shea butter mix ghana

Let me know if you have used any of them and also let me know what you think of them.

Yvonne Dzifa


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