Tuesday, 30 June 2015


I recently embarked on a healthy lifestyle change journey in order to help myself change the way I eat and view food. This is so that I can have the right mind to loose weight.

Today I am sharing the meal choices I made for the day. This could give some ideas on foods that could be eaten in moderation. At the moment, I eat small meals regularly in order to help increase my metabolism. 

Click here to see video logs of my healthy lifestyle journey so far.

Breakfast - 09.03
For breakfast, post workout, I had some oats with unsweetened almond milk cooked on the stove. I had this together with a mashed banana, 6 blueberries and honey. I also had a Almond Nespresso latte which I made with the Cosi Nespresso capsule. 

oats breakfast blueberries almond milk

Nespresso Cosi Latte

AM Snack - 11.45
For my morning snack, I had a smoothie. Strawberries, blueberries, gogi berries, chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk and water. I recently found this to be a great 'pick me up' for me whenever I am low on energy. It's fabulous!

gogi berries blueberries strawberry smoothie chia seeds

gogi berries blueberries strawberry smoothie chia seeds

Lunch - 13.15
For lunch I had some omelette made with green organic salad leaves and carrot. I had this with 3 long 23kcal breadsticks. I broke each stick into two hence why there are 6 of them.

I also had this with a bottle of 187kcal fortified non-alcoholic malt drink. These are also great energy boosters for me.

lunch omelette breadsticks water

fortified non-non-alcoholic malt drink
PM Snack - 16.30
For mid-afternoon snack I had a belvita breakfast biscuit. I had another Almond Nespresso latte around 14.45 also.

belvita breakfast biscuit

Nespresso Cosi latte

Dinner - 18.00
For dinner I had some Ghanaian recipe beans and sardine stew with dried cassava powder or 'Gari' as it is called. This was basically protein with a tiny bit of carbohydrate from the cassava powder. The serving was a small cereal bowl size and it looks different when mixed together.

ghana beans stew gari

ghana beans stew gari

Late Snack - 19.30
My last snacks were another belvita breakfast biscuit, some coffee, and before bed, a cold strawberry juice because I was thirsty. Eventually, I hope to have no late snacks, or have it only once in a while.

belvita breakfast biscuit

Nespresso Cosi latte

So these were my meal choices on this day. What is your favourite healthy snack to have.

Do check out the video version below for more details.

Yvonne Dzifa

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