Monday, 15 June 2015


If you wear your hair in its natural state but you are not always encouraged to keep it natural or if you are confused about what to do with your natural hair, I am writing this to let you know that, it all isn't too bad. I am one amongst ladies with the most tightly coiled, highest shrinkage, dry hair you could image for '4C' or Afro.

All hair has the same basic structure, same chemical elements, same details. The only differences are in the shape and the amount of some of the elements present in your hair structure, simply put. Beauty is nature, look around you, trees, rivers, all beautiful as they are.

Everyone has a choice, which I respect. I write from the point of view of someone who wishes to keep her hair in its natural state, despite any confusions, I speak to those out there who might have the same thoughts. Never be lead to think you are not beautiful, naturally. Nature is beautiful without change. Uniqueness is beauty.

Each different type of hair has its own good and not so good attributes. Even straight hair, which seems to be the most desired today and most easily managed. All I want to say is that natural is beautiful also. If you allow it to be. I am not against anyone's decision to keep their hair in a state outside its natural state. I am only encouraging anyone out there who has considered keeping their hair natural, or who is natural and is confused as to how to keep their hair, loosing patience for their natural pattern. Just to let you know that its ok to be natural if it is what you truly love. There is always a way, there is a wealth of information and knowledge which can be attained.

Please do continue reading after the video below.

I went natural two years ago and I have never looked back once. Even when I was totally lost as to what exactly I was supposed to do with my head of hair. And can I tell you a secret? Well I was still kinda lost, somewhat lost until now. One thing I know is that my love for this hair hasn't changed. Even when after 2 years, I felt I hadn't reached where I had wanted to be. The only change is that I have decided to learn more. I hope to see results from learning. I hope to share my journey along the way, to add to the resources, for fellow naturals out in the world.

They say knowledge is power, power to do what will let your natural hair flourish beautifully, freely and healthily in a loving environment. If you wear your hair natural, love you natural. If you would love to wear your hair natural, you can love you natural.

I hope you are encouraged by this.

Yvonne Dzifa

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