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Just recently, in March, I reached my 2 year natural hair milestone and I am pretty happy about this as I was reminded of just how much I love being natural. However, with this came also the realisation that my hair needed more tender loving care, for I had developed a lot of knots and dryness in my hair due to a couple of resons which I shall address. I decided to cut my hair as I had not trimmed it for a very long time. I share in this post, how I cut my hair, what I did in order to prepare my hair for this and also what I did after the cut.
how to cur 4c haircare

I can honestly say that since being natural, I have only trimmed my hair about twice in two years. Lets rectify this. Health rather than length is a priority, though length really was never the ultimate goal. With good health, I am sure there will be no need to ask for length. One struggle I had in the past, simple as it seems, to abide by, was wrapping my hair for bedtime. I did this sometimes but most times I just did not! Especially when times got busy. I just really enjoy sleeping without a scarf or bonnet. Needless to say, after a long time with this habit coupled with a lack of frequent correct treatments, which I knew I was capable of doing, I was left with dryness and knots.
how to cur 4c haircare knotted hair

how to cur 4c haircare knotted hair

Producuts And Tools Used

hair tools, 4c hair, comb, Denman brush

chi silk infusion mane 'n' tail detangler addy's hair food moringa

chi silk infusion mane 'n' tail detangler addy's hair food moringa

Before Cutting
I decided to shampoo and condition my hair before cutting in order to make it easier to handle, as it was pretty dry. I also did so in order to re-moisturise my strands and put them in a happy place before my hair cut. I chose to use the ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) Creamy Aloe Shampoo firstly because I wanted to clarify my hair and rid it off any buildup. Also this shampoo is one of many in my Ex-Relaxed Hair Product Jukie Box. Do check out THIS post to see the rest of the products I have accumulated.

The conditioner I chose to use, was again from the Ex-Relaxed Hair Product Jukie Box and this is the Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor. I chose to use this because its pretty much a quick way to strengthen the strands without a deep conditioning.

Applying leave-in conditioner
After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I applied leave-in conditioner to further condition my hair and give it some moisture and strength. Therefore I chose to use the Mane 'n' Tail Detangler and the CHI Silk Infusion as a combo to achieve this. CHI Silk infusion has great slip and leaves the hair very soft. I gave my hair a much needed massage with these products.
mane 'n' tail detangler

chi silk infusion

Cutting My Hair
When I was ready to cut my hair, I parted it down the middle firstly in half and then into four sections so that I could work on 4 individual sections at a time. Using the larger teeth of my double ended comb, I loosened out the knots, working with even smaller sections of hair at a time. I followed this step with a gentle detangle with the finer end on the comb and my Denman brush. Once happy that the hair piece that I was working on was detangled, I stretched out the strands, sectioning off the amount of ends of hair which I wasted to cut. Then I cut it. I repeated these steps, working with small sections of hair from each of the 4 big sections so as to get a good cut and not miss many knots. After completing each cut, I gathered the finished hair away with a bobby pin.
how to cur 4c haircare

After Cutting
Once I finished with all the sections, my hair was super detangled, free and airy and I couldn't get enough of the relief I felt. I re-moisturised the hair with my homemade hair mist together with Addys Moringa Hair Food as a post treatment. The end results as seen below was great. My knots are gone and my strands are happy and able to breath as you can see in the comparison picture. 

Don't forget to check out the video version of this post HERE on how I cut my knotted 4c hair.

Do let me know of your own hair troubles if you have had any before and how you solved yours! I would love to know!
addy's hair food

how to cur 4c haircare

how to cur 4c haircare knotted detangled

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