Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Wheeww, Where can I even start, well I think the pictures will say it all!

So as the phrase goes, I am an ex hair product junkie. Or to be exact, an ex relaxed-hair product junkie. Thats because I used to have chemically relaxed hair. I still remember when I was experimenting with new product when I newly discovered the world of haircare regimens on social media in university. I even remember the very people I used to watch and learn from. And of course for some time in my life then, I did go on my own haircare journey in the hope to see how far I could get with the length and care of my hair. I was committed. This journey improved my hairs health, but I reached a point where I decided to go natural. I remember once, I went ahead and purchased a huge box of popular relaxed hair products I had learnt about, and my sheer joy when the box arrived.

In the box were:

Deep Conditioners
The product I have the most of. From 5 main brands really, Elasta QP, Queen Helen, ORS, Mane and Tail and Aphogee. I had bought these to fulfil different aspects of relaxed hair care. For instance, Aphogee promises reinforced protein care therefore stronger and less snappy strands whiles Queen Helen promises moisture hence softer longer strands. I even made a huge protein-moisture deep conditioner mix after my big chop, when I did not know what else to do with my left over products. Even after making this mix, I still have more of the deep conditioners left! I know I can still use them on my natural hair, therefore I have decided not to purchase or try anymore new hair products until these are done.

The shampoos are actually not as much as the deep conditioners as back then, my focus was more on the deep conditioners than the shampoos. Nevertheless, I have a lot of shampoos.

Essential, natural and mixed oils. A lot of it. Again from the same period of my life. Not a waste though, as these still come in handy especially with weekly hair care.

Co-wash Conditioners.
Mostly from similar brands as the deep conditioners but also including other generic brands such as VO5 and Alberto Balsam. At the moment, I mostly use Shea Moisture. Once that is finished, I plan to use up these conditioners before purchasing any other new ones to try.

Leave in conditioners and styling creams
From brands such as CHI silk infusion and Aphogee as well an Cantu. Again not bad to use for my current natural hair!

To conclude, I actually bought these products back then because they were some of the better ones on the market in terms of ingredients and what they actually do for my hair. Upon my observation, I don't suppose it would be any bad for natural hair. Therefore I intend to try as mush as I can to not buy any more new products until I have worked my way through these.

Are you a junkie yourself? Or an Ex-Junkie? If so, what have you accumulated?

Yvonne Dzifa

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  1. I love being a product junkie but I have some I stock up on more often. Shaampoos are hardly on my list. Deep conditioners are my priorities. I still use my relaxed hair products.


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