Monday, 25 May 2015


A simple Banana Almond cake recipe. Put together because I wanted to try out combining two ingredients which I love, bananas and almonds, into a cake. I love these two ingredients in bakery as well as eaten by themselves or together. Try out my recipe and see how you enjoy it.

This recipe is simple, therefore it allows you to build up on it by adding other ingredients which you may fancy e.g. berries.


1. 150g or 5 oz of butter or margarine (I used Clover). Melt this into your mixing bowl 

2.Two or three Bananas. Break it up and add it into the the butter/margarine

3.Mix together into a batter. Depending on the texture you like. Either completely mix it or leave a few chunks of banana in the batter

4. 1/2 Teaspoon each of baking soda and baking powder. Add to the mixture and mix

5. Two tablespoons full of Honey & One free range egg (or any egg you have). Crack egg into your mixture and mix

6. 270g or 9oz of self risen flour

7. One level teaspoon of Nutmeg. Add flour and nutmeg to mixture and mix

8. Grease your baking tin with a teaspoon of olive oil

9. Transfer your mixture into the baking tin and add on top of it 100g or 3.5oz of flaked almonds

10. Gently mix the almonds into the mixture whiles in the tin

11. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 220℃. Ready when your knife comes out clean after passing it through the middle of the cake

12. Enjoy with tea, coffee, yogurt, what ever you fancy or on its own.


Yvonne Dzifa

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Wheeww, Where can I even start, well I think the pictures will say it all!

So as the phrase goes, I am an ex hair product junkie. Or to be exact, an ex relaxed-hair product junkie. Thats because I used to have chemically relaxed hair. I still remember when I was experimenting with new product when I newly discovered the world of haircare regimens on social media in university. I even remember the very people I used to watch and learn from. And of course for some time in my life then, I did go on my own haircare journey in the hope to see how far I could get with the length and care of my hair. I was committed. This journey improved my hairs health, but I reached a point where I decided to go natural. I remember once, I went ahead and purchased a huge box of popular relaxed hair products I had learnt about, and my sheer joy when the box arrived.

In the box were:

Deep Conditioners
The product I have the most of. From 5 main brands really, Elasta QP, Queen Helen, ORS, Mane and Tail and Aphogee. I had bought these to fulfil different aspects of relaxed hair care. For instance, Aphogee promises reinforced protein care therefore stronger and less snappy strands whiles Queen Helen promises moisture hence softer longer strands. I even made a huge protein-moisture deep conditioner mix after my big chop, when I did not know what else to do with my left over products. Even after making this mix, I still have more of the deep conditioners left! I know I can still use them on my natural hair, therefore I have decided not to purchase or try anymore new hair products until these are done.

The shampoos are actually not as much as the deep conditioners as back then, my focus was more on the deep conditioners than the shampoos. Nevertheless, I have a lot of shampoos.

Essential, natural and mixed oils. A lot of it. Again from the same period of my life. Not a waste though, as these still come in handy especially with weekly hair care.

Co-wash Conditioners.
Mostly from similar brands as the deep conditioners but also including other generic brands such as VO5 and Alberto Balsam. At the moment, I mostly use Shea Moisture. Once that is finished, I plan to use up these conditioners before purchasing any other new ones to try.

Leave in conditioners and styling creams
From brands such as CHI silk infusion and Aphogee as well an Cantu. Again not bad to use for my current natural hair!

To conclude, I actually bought these products back then because they were some of the better ones on the market in terms of ingredients and what they actually do for my hair. Upon my observation, I don't suppose it would be any bad for natural hair. Therefore I intend to try as mush as I can to not buy any more new products until I have worked my way through these.

Are you a junkie yourself? Or an Ex-Junkie? If so, what have you accumulated?

Yvonne Dzifa

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

For The Love of Buckles | Principles by Ben de Lisi Patent & Textile Buckled Court Shoes

On my recent hunt for new shoes for work this spring, together with my Authentic Tesco Loafers, I also got these beautiful stylish court shoes. Let's just say I got them for the love of buckles. You can actually get one Here as well which if you don't have a debenhams near you. "I love buckle detailing" is an understatement! On shoes, coats, jackets, trousers, bags, where buckles are, I am there also. I guess upon reflection, I can say the all time King of Pop (R.I.P.) inspired my realisation of the beauty of buckles. So when out shopping after work one spring friday, in the Debehams sales section, (gotta take advantage of the sales!) I was finding it real hard to pick a pair of shoes for work. The shoes I liked were either not in my size (I guess maybe because most of the population has my shoe size therefore shoes for my size don't last long in the shops) or they were the wrong colour.

Principles by Ben de Lisi Patent & Textile Buckled Court Shoes
Principles by Ben de Lisi Patent & Textile Buckled Court Shoes

I finally came across this beauty near the till section and I loved it straight away. Let me tell you why.
I absolutely love the idea that different elements and textures have been played with. The textile body, the patent heels, the buckles. All of these are element I already love and would look for in fashion items, therefore finding them all in one place was a jackpot moment. I just love the inclusion of a patent heel. Prior to this purchase, I had always found patent textured heels coupled with a different textured shoe body so gorgeous and I don't know why. Though they did not have it my size, I had to order this one online.
Principles by Ben de Lisi Patent & Textile Buckled Court Shoes

Patent & Textile Court Shoes | Principles by Ben de Lisi 

For the quality, this pair is actually a bargain especially since it is a designer pair. When worn they actually give the feel of a stylish formal yet casual look, which makes it quite wearable for different occasions. The finish is in great quality and you just know it will last a while!

My most favourite part of this pair is actual the buckles and the heel, just because of the mix of textures...Siiiggghh....

Yvonne Dzifa


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A New Found Love For Spring

Let me share with you a story from my past. When I was younger, maybe 16 or 17 years old, spring was not on my top favourite seasons list. It found itself somewhere down the bottom actually with reason. My memory of spring when young was sneezing, flies missing their routes in mid air and somehow finding themselves in my nose, more sneezing, walking with my hands flying in the air whiles I fought flies, wet school shoes and oh sneezing! Needless to say spring was not exactly an attraction to me. I don't really know why I never really paid much attention to it. I did notice the beautiful tress and the horses in the fields near my home, eating grass, but somehow, my mind was too busy with other things. I never really took a moment to notice my surroundings.

Well just before winter ended this year, I found myself one day actually typing 'first day of spring' in the search engine and upon reflection now, it was the first seed towards my new found love of spring. I watched carefully as winter handed over to spring, I realise now I was harbouring an excitement to meet spring, but I wasn't aware of it until now.

Fast forward a thursday morning not long ago, on my way to work, I was met by a heavy fall of mini hail stones and wind. The next morning, again on my way to work, I noticed something phenomanal which took my breath away on the spot (though am still alive). And this was, overnight, the forest near my home had given birth to luscious green baby leaves. Every single tree which had been skeletons before had on it now the first signs of life. New born leaves. And the greenness....Oh the beauty was too much for me to take. The most beautiful green I had seen in a long time. The leaves where so young and innocent, I had to smell them and the smell was gorgeous. I even ended up buying a green cushion for our living room, I am attracted to green now.

Prior to this, mid March I experienced a conversation with the new birds which had finally made made it on their journey to join us this spring. They sang and I sang back, they whistled and I whistled back, I looked like a silly child, but I did not care because I was happy. And it was this same feeling I had when I saw the new leaves in the forest.

It is the same feeling which caused me to share this blog post. I realised, I have fallen for spring and I am still loving it.

Sometimes in taking a moment to listen to the sounds around you, nature, even traffic, something natural around you except your own thoughts, you could learn something new.

Whats your favourite season?

Yvonne Dzifa

Monday, 4 May 2015

Cherry Vanilla Glass Jar Yankee Candle Review | My First Ever Yankee Jar

Simply Home Cherry Vanilla | Yankee Candle

I pretty much grew up around candles and with candles as it was a big part of family life for different reasons when growing up. I love candles full stop.

What can I say, when it comes to candles, most people know that the Yankee brand is one of the most popular brands out there if not the most popular brand. So for a while now I have been pleased that the Tesco superstores have been stocking them very frequently. I first spotted it stocked in my local Tesco in 2014 though it may have already been in store for a long time prior to that. I used to only buy the small £1.20 mini Yankee candles and only ever bough the Cherry Vanilla fragrance as upon taking my first sniff, I fell in inlove.

Yet I was still surprised at the beautiful fragrance it gave when lit after a short time and needless to say it became a pretty staple purchase bi-weekly if not weekly. One of my favourite parts of the Cherry Vanilla and Yankee candle experience as a whole is when the candle actually burns out, it gives a final shot of fragrance as if to say, 'adios', which makes me turn to look at it immediately. The first time it happened, I did not know it was the smell of a burn out frangrant candle so I was pleasantly suprised.

For a while I could not convince myself to actually purchase the glass jar version mainly because of the price. I did not know if it was worth it, though I knew I loved it. One day, I decided to. Tesco sells it quite moderately priced for £9.00. Imagine my joy when I lit it. It was such a happy experience, who would have thought lighting a candle could produce a happy moment. I love this fragrance so much, I liken it to the smell of strawberry and vanilla bubble gum, a really good one though. Its quite sweet and has a tasty smell, the kinda of smell which make you think you could eat it, but of course you can't - Disclaimer!

I was also looking forward to the what a finished closed glass jar candle would look like, as you can see above, you end up with a bit of a smoke stained glass and left over wax. Which made me happy, just to see it.  Oh and a great jar to do with it what you please. Recycle! The empty glass has been siting where you see it in the picture as I do not want to throw it away. I shall see what I will do with it.

Out of only two Yankee Candle fragrances I have tried, this is my current favourite. I look to trying more and will also write a review of the second fragrance I have tried.

Have you ever tried a Yankee Candle? Which one did you try and what did you think of it?

Yvonne Dzifa
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