Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Simple Authentic Style Black Suede Loafers

So my loyal winter ankle suede boots which I got from Forever 21 a year and a half ago finally decided, it had had enough. Quite right, because I literally wore the life out of these boots to almost anywhere and everywhere. They were so worth the price.

With spring here, I decided to purchase a new pair of shoes for work and I came across this beauty in Tesco F&F believe it or not! They are so so comfortable and supportive of the sole. I have become very aware of sole supporting shoes lately and perhaps I might explain why in a future blog post. Therefore this pair to me was a perfect find. Not only was it comfortable, it was also quite affordable. Its a lovely simple addition to a spring wardrobe, being black and definitely takes a lot of weight off the sole while being a quick pair of shoes to where anywhere.

Black Suede loafers | F&F

Get The F&F One And Similar Here

What is your ideal "comfort shoes?"

Get The F&F One And Similar Here
Yvonne Dzifa

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