Monday, 27 April 2015

5 Small Steps Towards Eating More Fruits & Veg

Recently, I have made a decision to take small steps towards focusing on what I take into my body in order to lose weight and maintain it. This makes life a lot easier and not so harsh and abrupt as sometimes taking too big measures to lose weight in too little time can lead to an unsuccessful healthy living and eating journey.

When the decision is made to eat healthy and loose weight, its easy to go to the super market and pretty much buy all things salad, fruits and veg only to see them expire in the fridge. I have found this to be unhelpful in the past, as it can be an 'over expectation' for the mind and body and therefore may not last. Most people have an eating habit which may be from childhood or adolescence. Other people may not have an eating habit at all. Where some people might be emotionally connected to certain foods, maybe due to an event or memory from the past, others may not really care much about any kind of food and may be quite happy to eat healthy or unhealthy without an attachment.

Slowly introducing a good food group such as fruits & veg into your lifestyle is a good way to go about healthy eating especially when the goal is long term. Here are a few tip which I have found helpful in achieving this-

1. Reflect and make a note of fruits and veg you like
Get personal. No one is the same. Out of the abundant amount of fruits and veg on earth, there is bound to be at least one fruit and veg which you can tolerate. If there is more, even better. Try to make a list of any fruits and veg you may have tried in the past and liked. These can be a simple fruit like a banana or grapes. It would be good to have at least one fruit and one veg if not more. 5 a day is good, but its better to have at least one of each than none at all. The more you can tolerate, the more options you have, but at least one of each group would be a good place to start.

2. A fruit and a veg each day
If absolutely a hater of fruits an veg, then one fruit and one veg each day may be a good way to start. Maybe even just 5 days a week. The key is to gradually get accustomed to eating it. Try to begin to remind yourself to eat one fruit and one veg from the list you have made. You could have them together or at different times. As hard as it might be, try to remember that they are not tablets, though they are good medicine for your body.

3. Slowly increase intake
If you can't, thats fine, it is better to maintain eating one of each per day and get good at it, than to try to increase intake too quick and give up all together. If you are happy to increase your intake, then go ahead and do so for the same fruit and veg, or by introducing another. Do what works best for your journey, but the main thing is to eat some each day.

4. Eat together with something you like better
Eating fruits and veg with something which you like is a great way to actually take the attention away from the fruits and veg. Also incorperating your fruit and veg in at least one of any 'favourite food trips' you make daily might help. Lets say you like peanut butter or you love to snack on rice cakes, peanut butter actually tastes phenomenal with banana and mashed berries go great on rice cake, kinda like jam! If you make a few trips a day to a food item which you are trying to cut down on, try see if you can include a fruit or veg in one of those trip.

5. Have a veg with your dinner
If you can't have much veggies on your plate without forcing yourself, try to start by having one veg with your dinner. You might find that eating the veg first, lets say carrot or broccoli, will serve as a starter or appetiser and might even take you on to enjoy your dinner more. At the same time, this will fill a little part of your tummy and you might find you may not eat as much, portion wise, by the end of your dinner.

Hopefully these little steps will help you on your way to eating more fruits and veg daily. It is certainly helping me out on my journey.

All the best 
Yvonne Dzifa

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