Friday, 27 March 2015

Current Go-To Bracelets

I am sure most ladies have a particular item of accessory which they find themselves going back to most times. Sometimes it is because you are in a rush or because it seems like the only thing you like to grab and accessorise with in the morning or because you have simply just developed a habit of wearing it. Sometimes you might even find a tiny bit of comfort in wearing it.

Well my current favourite go-to bracelets that I find myself grabbing each morning lately are these two. A mesh gold coloured one and a pearl one with gold coloured detail. Both are from H&M and the detail on the pearl are a key, a heart with crystals  and a heart with a key hole. I really do love pearls whether real or fake and I would love to own my own real ones one day. 

I love pearls beause they look delicate but are so strong and bold in their own way. Their smooth textures and elegance. Sometimes one set of pearls is enough jewellery to have on and that's what I love about pearls. 

What's you favourite go-to jewellery?

Yvonne Dzifa 

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