Monday, 23 March 2015

Are You A Morning Coffee At Home or At Work/School Person?

Do you like to have your coffee at home with breakfast before leaving for work or school or do you prefer to have it when you get to work? 

Lately I have found that I seem to like getting to work early enough to have a coffee before starting work. I thought about saving money by having my Costa coffee for cafetières at home in the morning with breakfast and I did try. However, I only found that when I got to work, I would still want to buy another coffee. 

Lately I have also been adding a cheeky pain au chocolat with the coffee at work even though I know I shouldn't buy it, it seems to help me stay in a better mood especially on a Monday morning. 

I guess it seems a waste to have coffee at home when I know I will want to have another one when I get to work, it's almost therapeutic, in likness of a routine. This normally means getting an earlier transport to get me to work, about half an hour early. I don't know about you but I don't like rushing for a bus.

Tell me what you like to do also?

Are you a morning coffee at home, with breakfast, before work person or a morning coffee en route to work, at work or at school person? 

Yvonne Dzifa


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