Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Current Go-To Concealer and Lipstick

So lately, I have been thinking of refreshing my dressing table and makeup bag with some new things which I want to try.  My dressing table as well as my entire wardrobe. At the same time, the product I currently have, which aren't a lot, I do not want to get rid of.

When getting ready for work, these are two items which I find myself grabbing a lot lately. 

The first is the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer. I went on an Estee Lauder splurge before my wedding, after finding out that some of their products did not contain parabens. I basically bought their foundation, powder and some of their skin care products. 

Out of all that I bought, the concealer has worked for me the most. It does give good coverage on dark spots from pimples and acne and that all important under eye wake up call. To be quite honest, it works really well for a quick makeup routine. Literally just the concealer paired with my compact foundation (Mac Studio Fix foundation) has been working wonders for me so far. Love it!

The second product is a lipstick by The Body Shop. Its in the colour Magenta (58). This lipstick has a slightly purple hint undertone. My Current favourite, its got a very gorgeous shimmer which gives a bit of a silky feel and look.

These are my two beauty products which I grab hold of on a daily basis at the moment.

Whats your favourite beauty product of the moment.

Yvonne Dzifa

Friday, 27 March 2015

Current Go-To Bracelets

I am sure most ladies have a particular item of accessory which they find themselves going back to most times. Sometimes it is because you are in a rush or because it seems like the only thing you like to grab and accessorise with in the morning or because you have simply just developed a habit of wearing it. Sometimes you might even find a tiny bit of comfort in wearing it.

Well my current favourite go-to bracelets that I find myself grabbing each morning lately are these two. A mesh gold coloured one and a pearl one with gold coloured detail. Both are from H&M and the detail on the pearl are a key, a heart with crystals  and a heart with a key hole. I really do love pearls whether real or fake and I would love to own my own real ones one day. 

I love pearls beause they look delicate but are so strong and bold in their own way. Their smooth textures and elegance. Sometimes one set of pearls is enough jewellery to have on and that's what I love about pearls. 

What's you favourite go-to jewellery?

Yvonne Dzifa 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Attracted To Floral | SPRING STYLE

Hello lovely persons,

Looking down at my shoes after work the other day, I realised I am actually having a bit of a "loving floral prints" season. Even though we are in the begining of spring, I havnt actually seen the blooms around, therefore I can't even credit my grown attraction to the spring season. Am also loving the idea of floral dresses lately. Saving up to see if I can get me some floral fashion on par with the season.

What have you been attracted to lately?

Yvonne Dzifa 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Seeing The Beauty Around Us

On my home from work, having realised I had missed the bus  that I normally like to take in order for me to get home at the exact time I like to be home, I looked up in the skys and saw the sun setting. It had filled the sky with illumination. Fiercely bright yet beautiful. Oh mine it looked so beautiful I had to capture it. I felt so happy seeing the sun, that I forgot to be disappointed. 

Last week wasn't so when I faced a similar scenario. Trying to save as much of the 24 hours we have been given in a day in order to do something creative, or  indulge in a hobby can sometimes appear a task when the bulk of time is spent at work, and a good amount travelling to and from work. Therefore, for some of us, public transport users, missing a bus and having to wait about 20 to 30 minutes for the next one isn't exactly the most pleasant experience especially when we imagine what we could have been doing each waiting minute. 

The beauty of this sun gave me a different message. Perhaps if we stopped a little to see the beautiful nature  around us, nature also smiles back and we simply feel better.

That's how I felt today looking at the sun. It didn't matter anymore that I had to wait for another bus, what mattered was the smile I got from the sun.

If having a bad day think of one thing you are thankful for today, even the smallest thing might shift your mood for the better. 

Yvonne Dzifa

Monday, 23 March 2015

Are You A Morning Coffee At Home or At Work/School Person?

Do you like to have your coffee at home with breakfast before leaving for work or school or do you prefer to have it when you get to work? 

Lately I have found that I seem to like getting to work early enough to have a coffee before starting work. I thought about saving money by having my Costa coffee for cafetières at home in the morning with breakfast and I did try. However, I only found that when I got to work, I would still want to buy another coffee. 

Lately I have also been adding a cheeky pain au chocolat with the coffee at work even though I know I shouldn't buy it, it seems to help me stay in a better mood especially on a Monday morning. 

I guess it seems a waste to have coffee at home when I know I will want to have another one when I get to work, it's almost therapeutic, in likness of a routine. This normally means getting an earlier transport to get me to work, about half an hour early. I don't know about you but I don't like rushing for a bus.

Tell me what you like to do also?

Are you a morning coffee at home, with breakfast, before work person or a morning coffee en route to work, at work or at school person? 

Yvonne Dzifa

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