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4C Natural Haircare - What I Do Now That I Have Natural Hair

I recently shared on my YouTube channel, what I do to keep my 4C natural hair healthy and maintain it every week and month. Since I went natural, really, I have stuck with a simple strategy, which is 'simple is key'. Simply put, I no longer use as many product to maintain my hair as I did when I had chemically relaxed hair. I have found, perhaps the reason I felt to use so many product, advertised as products which target different aspects of a chemically relaxed hair, was that I was trying to avoid breakage and retain the length of a rather fragile structure of hair.

I remember many times, after washing my hair, the ends would look so thin and fragile, I don't observe that anymore now that I am natural. I shall touch more in another blog post, on my journey to natural hair and my experience with chemically relaxed hair.

So I Switched To Deep Conditioning And Co-Wash Cleansing Every Weekend

Since going natural, I have decided to simply deep condition and co-wash my hair more than shampoo it. This is because I have come to realise that my hair is naturally very dry, very tightly coiled and also very shrinky. Its so happened that unfortunately most shampoos on the market, except the select few like the KeraCare line, have agents in them which actually strip the hair off its moisture  even when they say they are moisturising shampoos.

So I started to steer away from weekly shampooing and veering closer to weekly deep conditioning and co-washing. Personally, when I came across a line of products which provides an option for me to cleanse my hair with a conditioner, rather than a shampoo, I was like 'GET IN THERE!'. Well for now...any way. More so because this line doesn't have bad chemicals, mineral oils or parabens in them. As far as I can tell, it is an all natural ingredients line. I am talking about the Shea Moisture line. I already knew of this line, however, I was driven to finally try it by a collegue at work.

So since I stopped shampooing my hair weekly, and started focusing more on deep-conditioning and co-washing my hair, I have found that my hair is a lot happier and does not actually demand so much from me. Put it this way, even if I do not wrap my hair for bed, I still have normal growth and minimum breakage.

I Did Not Want To Throw Away My Old Conditioners

So with my left over deep conditioners and co-wash conditioners from when I had relaxed hair, mixed with some essential oils, other oils and moisturising agents, I made a deep conditioner mix which I use to deep condition my hair every sunday before I co-wash it in the shower. I simple put some in my hands and apply it all over my hair till I have get enough of it in my hair.

I then cover my hair with a plastic cap and I go about my Sunday errands. I do not sit under a dryer or steamer to get a heat condition. This is the benefit of conditioning my hair before my errands, the heat from my body rises up and warms up my head and hair.

I Shampoo Only Once Monthly

All these findings and changes do not mean that I do not shampoo my hair! Shea Moisture also provides a range of natural shampoos which have ingredients I am currently very happy with. Out of their range I chose one product as my monthly clarifying shampoo, which I use only once a month, or every four weeks.

And Then I style

I chose just a few styling product form the Shea Moisture line again to style my hair daily and also to detangle my hair during weekend washes. Since being natural, I have only flat ironed my hair about twice or three times and I have been natural for more than a year, since March 2013. Currently, I use just one oil to seal my hair and my go to style is to simply let my hair breath naturally, though I have plans to soon explore my hair more and learn its versatility.

What I Hope To Introduce And Re-Introduce Into My Routine

Though I am quite happy with my current routine and how simple it is, I still have hopes to learn more about my hair. I want to teach myself how to style my hair more than just leaving it in its normal shrunk state. I plan to also return to oiling my scalp as I used to do when I had relaxed hair. I hope to re-introducing hot oil treatments and also seal my hair more than I currently do. One more thing I plan to do is to resume wrapping my hair for bed, but this I have already started to do and I am super pleased with it. Hopefully, this should decrease knots and tangles.

So To Wrap It Up!

In future posts, I shall share my haircare routine in pictures, including all the products I use and what I do with them. One thing I can say 100% is -" I love my 4C natural hair and I thank God for it!"

Yvonne Dzifa


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