Sunday, 24 November 2013

Slim In 6 Part Review

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Yvonne Dzifa

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Oh Dear...London Southern Trains In The Morning!!!!

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Dear all

A little talk about daily life. Inspired not only from this morning but from everyday experience. 

Am I the only one...or are the southern train services a sort of "tinned sardine" experience these days. It's quite guaranteed each morning that you now have to push, literally and quite forcefully before anyone in the train budges to grant some space for more passengers to board. 

It doesn't help that trains get super packed half way through their journey, leaving practically no space for people to board on the remaining half of their journey. I mean sometimes those in the train when it stops at a station nearly fall out when the train doors open.

Priority for expectant mothers, mothers, the elderly and disabled is pretty much out of the window at rush hour!!!

After avoiding this many times I finally decided to speak out and simply say "can you move down please so others can board the train" and many a times the response you get are blank faces looking at you or looking else where as though you just spoke to the ceiling. This is when its quite visible that there is space for at least three people to board, and that space is being left opened because other people can't be bothered to move a little. Now that is quite sad and selfish shall I say. No one moves unless you beg for someone to move up the isle, and even then you are ignored.

People often forget what it feels like to miss a train when in such a hurry,  just because someone doesn't want to move one step forward to make some space. 

"Forget it if you left home early enough to catch a particular train for an interview". It's probably guaranteed you will be late.

Anyway let's see what happens in the next few weeks. Hopefully some improvement.

Do comment if you have had such encounters on the morning trains in London recently.

                     Yvonne Dzifa

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Nail Of The Week

Hello all,

So i thought to post a Nail Of The Week for my style page. For this week i decided to go red as i havnt done so in a long while. Abit of colour for the weather.

Nail Polish- W7, Shirley Temple

Yvonne Dzifa

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