Sunday, 20 October 2013

Organic Grocery Haul for Slim in 6 challenge (Week 3, Ramp It Up)

Hello everyone

I am here with my grocery haul from this afternoons fortnightly on-line grocery shopping. As mentioned in my previous post before this, i alternate between shopping on-line and going out to shop fortnightly.

Unfortunately, in this order, they happen to not have organic spinach, organic strawberries and organic raspberries. I mean the reason i order on-line every two weeks as mentioned before is because i know i cannot get these specific organic products in the actual shop, so i was a little disappointed when these three items were replaced with non organic produce. All the same, i thank God for provision.

So i will show you what i bought for the different categories of vegetables and
fruitproteins and carbohydrates and i will also talk about what i plan to do with these.

Thanks for stopping by.

Organic and non Organic:-(  Vegetables and fruits
3 bags of Spinach, 2 packs of Strawberries, 1 pack of Raspberries, 1 pack of Avocados, 2 Broccolis
Fruits- smoothie breakfasts and fruit snacks
Spinach- lunch filling and smoothie breakfasts
Avocados- breakfast
Broccoli- dinner vegetable sides

Proteins and carbohydrates
Unsweetened Almond Milk, Sage non-fat Greek Yoghurt, Organic Semi Skimmed Milk and Organic eggs
Almond Milk- for porridge oats, tea at home and smoothies
Organic Milk- tea at work
Greek Yoghurt- smoothies and fruit snacks
Eggs- breakfast and lunch

Beef Pho, Granary Bread, Organic Chicken and Wild Catch Salmon Fillets
Beef Pho- supplementary dinner on weekends
Granary Bread- lunch and breakfast
Salmon fillets- dinner
Organic Chicken- dinner

This plan is a nice change from last weeks plan and i am looking forward to see how this goes.

Yvonne Dzifa

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