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My Hair Journey PART 1 - Birth to March 2013

History Of My Hair journey

My hair was first relaxed at the age of about 4 or 5, I quiet remember having it relaxed every so often with 'JUST FOR ME CONDITIONING CREME RELAXER' for kids. I used to love seeing the pictures of the relaxed little girls on the front of the box and always enjoyed relaxing my hair. I usually got my hair braided without hair extensions for school thereafter and I quite remember my hair being the soft 3c/4a type then. I had always admired long African hair.

At the age of about 9, it was mandatory that my hair was cut. This was because in Ghana then (I was born in Ghana), depending on which school you went to, you had to cut your hair like boy! So from age 9 and for a few years after that, my hair was cut regulary like a boy's, for school as in the picture below. That was my first BIG CHOP! Click here for Part Two.

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However this all changed during my teenage years, when I could finally grow my hair back :-). In the UK, I got used to my hair being relaxed, braiding and treating my hair for some years. It never occurred to me to learn how to do this myself. Though it occurred to me to learn to take care of my own hair, I never really bothered to. It always got taken care of at home and I never went to the salon in the UK, ever, and I still haven't. My hair grew during these years. Up until my second year in University.

In my first three years in University, my hair was mostly in braids or relaxed by friends who cared more about my hair than I did. Hmm, sounds bad, I know, but at the time, it really was'nt my priority.

Me in the Laboratory

I went through a stressfull time half way through university, which caused massive breakage to my hair as I was not relaxing it or moisturising it much. Eventually, my friend ended up accidentally cutting my hair back down to stage 1- boy hair cut and natural in May 2009.  My SECOND BIG CHOP!!. I guess I needed a change. But not that DRASTIC!!! I sported this, as shown in the picture above, for about 1 year. Then I started regrowing my hair again around May 2010, with braids.

It was after two of my friends said to me 'if I see your hair not taken care of again, am going to be very mad at you', that I actually stopped and thought about what this actually meant to me. One friend offered to me, something called a 'hair regimen'. I had no idea what this was at the time, 'a list of hair products? with points telling me when to wash my hair and what to do? well ok, I guess I'll follow it', I thought, so I did. Part 2 here.

Then one day in late 2010, I think around September/October, whiles still in uni, I thought to enter 'hair regimen' into good old You Tube and research more about what a hair regimen actually is and its purpose. That's when I came face to face with the You Tube community of African, African-American and West indian good Haircare sisters'. Through watching some of their videos, I developed a passion to care for my own head of hair and see it change, grow and be more healthy.  Two of such sisters are Nunaavane, Onika (known as Shorty2sweet59), Sunshyne from Hairlistas Inc, Tracey from KISS hair site and Ateeyah, just to name a few. Shout out to these sisters, they inspired me and its only nice that I name them.

From watching these ladies and researching about the science of African hair, I learnt everything I know about African relaxed hair care, coupled with my love of anything natural, herbal, original, I developed my regimen and started my hair care journey.

Click here for Part Two.

Yvonne Dzifa

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