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How i shop for groceries during slim in 6

Hello all,

So if you have read my blog post on "Slim in 6" you would know that i mentioned talking more about my decision to go organic. I will Post that after this post, because first of all i wanted to show you what i would buy when i go out shopping every two weeks at the moment for my weeks shopping during this diet. I also try to shop on-line every two weeks or so, this is all in trial.

Why did i opt for weekly shopping during this challenge?
It means i will only buy what i need for the week and wont be left with too much food in the house so that I do not have the freedom to choose to eat more often than needed.

Why do i switch up shopping on-line and going out to shop every two weeks?
I personally found that shopping on-line every two weeks or so provides the chance to buy some organic and free range products which cannot be found if i go out to my favourite shop to buy from. For instance organic free range turkey mince. There i buy these items on-line to last me two weeks as i freeze the meat for instance.

Also, shopping on-line greatly allows me to budget better because i tend to choose only what i need to buy instead of having the view of the whole supermarket in front of me as you do when you go out shopping. Walking down the supermarket isle sometimes make me buy unnecessarily.

I however choose to go out to the shop also every two weeks or so to top up with products such as milk and bread. This is so that i don't end up spending too much on delivery by shopping on-line every week.

Where do i shop?
Well since i started this challenge, i found sainsburys to be my choice of supermarket. This is because, i have noticed that they have a lot more variety and choice when it comes to organic and free range products at more affordable prices too, compared to other supermarkets. I am loving it so far.

I also shop at Holland and Barrett for specialist whole grain products and supplements which cannot be found else where.

Thats it for now...
Stay tuned for my talk on organic produce and my grocery haul

Yvonne Dzifa

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