Saturday, 12 October 2013

Slim in 6 challenge by Debbie Siebers

Image from beachbody slim in 6 website

Hello everyone,

It has been a very long time since I have been on blogger or even YouTube. A lot has happened, both very very sad events and happy events, in the last year, leading to my absence. But in all, goodness is still around.

Now about Slim in 6, after seeing this so may times on tv and reading about it on-line  I decided to give it a try. It is a 6 week program with good reviews and if followed strictly can enable weight loss in 6 weeks. As I type this post, I have been on the slim in 6 challenge for a week now and I must say I am enjoying it so far. I had to make the decision to wake up an hour earlier in the morning in order to exercise so that I can relax after work. I also had to make a decision to sleep early so I could fit in at least 7 hours of sleep each night... and this has been fabulous. It was quiet difficult though, in the first two days, as my body was in so much ache due to the new exercise routines, but after two days, my body adjusted so well and I had no more pain at all.

So I have been exercising with the "start it up" dvd so far which is supposed to be for 2 weeks. Next week will be week two for me.

Together with the exercise, I have been eating very differently, lets say more healthy eating. First of all I have decided to go more towards the organic way of life, therefore I buy:

Organic vegetable instead of non organic
Organic meat instead of non organic
Organic and free range chicken and turkey and eggs instead of non organic or batch processed chicken and turkey
Organic milk
and Organic tea

I will talk more about this change and why I did it in another post, so please stay tuned.

So I have quite high expectations of this "slim in 6" program and I shall keep you updated each week. I shall also talk more about the foods I am eating for this program.

Yvonne Dzifa 

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